Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Day 3: (2/5/10) Matriculation and Ceilidh

After finding a more suitable alarm the night before, I woke up to Sugar Glyder's Bcde! :D A song that plays soft serene music then says, "It's time to wake up! It's time…" and then plays alarm noises. A very nice way to wake up! :) Maybe I should do something about it repeating though… :/ I really don't want to get sick of it. I showered and went to breakfast. They had a potato and beans. Other than that, I got the same things I had the day before.
My advising meeting was at 10:45 in the library. While I was walking over there, I was thinking about how happy I am to be here and how much I love this place! When I got there, there were a few people at the psychology table but the philosophy table was PACKED! So, I saw the psychology advisor first and got put in Developmental Psychology and Assessment in Clinical Psychology. Turns out, they are at the same time because Developmental is for the first half of the semester and Clinical is for the second half. I was advised not to take Philosophy of Mind because it is a really high-level philosophy course, but it is not offered at Converse, so why not take it while I can? I'll see if I can handle it… I am also taking Rationality and Action. Funny enough…none of these courses start until Tuesday…so I don't have to do anything on Monday, but find out where they are and what books I need for them.
After advising, I went to Younger Hall where I showed them my passport, paid my tuition fees, got my ID and turned in my health care form.
After all of that was over, I went back to New Hall for lunch and dinner and chilled for a while.
Victoria, Ruth (Victoria's acquaintance from her home school), Michael name that texted Victoria at 3am the night before, and me walked over to the student union for the Ceilidh festival. This was a festival of Scottish food and dancing.
When we arrived things had not started yet. Wendy encouraged us to get a drink. :P I thought it was pretty funny. The haggis was actually pretty good, despite some hard to chew parts.
I was hesitant to dance at first but I did do the group dances. After a while of wondering around and such I asked this guy that was randomly standing by us to dance. Afterward he stuttered and I felt bad because my intentions were not to make him feel uncomfortable but I feared I must have been the only girl to do this…or I'm just really hot…or he just stutters frequently. I do not know. However, Victoria went on to dance with him and I danced with Sahd. I met a few people that night, including this one guy I got into a really deep conversation with that just left with his brother.

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