Sunday, 21 March 2010


So, my boyfriend is just the sweetest ever…
• We're going to London next week together and I think he's more excited than me. Lol.
• This morning, I cut myself shaving and texted him "Do you have a band aid?" and he didn't text me back, he ran down here and gave me band aids!!!

Some differences I should probably discuss…
• So fire exits are all over the place, just about every door in a building will say "this is a fire door," which confused me at first because I thought I was going to set off an alarm. Then, in stairwells, there will always be green signs that have a little man running and a door that say "fire exit." It's really crazy.
• I don't mind saying "lift" although I still catch myself thinking "elevator" and I don't mind saying bin but I often will say, "trash…uh….bin…?" :P I continue to say "jeans" or "corduroys" instead of "trousers" because "trousers" makes me think of Pewee Herman's…uh… "trousers" (up above the belly button with suspenders…eww...) Pants mean underwear.... Why can't they just call them "panties" or "boxers"….or "underwear"? :P
• I'm really getting attached to some of the food here…like… "Ginger nut biscuits" and these scone-things they have at breakfast here. Oh…and PANINIS!!!!! OMG they're THE NUM!!! :D
• Yesterday I was labeled as a "suitable American" by one of Stuart's friends… apparently most Americans here are wild or something.
• I can't help but feel different as soon as I open my mouth, but at least I'm speaking their language… :)
• There are really friendly people who work in stores such as Tesco…something you wouldn't find in any Wal-Mart.

By The Way...
The New Hall Ball (last week) was amazing! There was a chocolate fountain, a regular dance floor and a Ceilidh! Stuart wasn't there but I went with all my other friends (Alanna and her boyfriend, David and friend, Martin...then we met up Angus, Sean, and saw others around.) I Ceilidh-ed with Angus and and Alanna and I danced to all these songs we really liked. It was really fun! :)

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Things I miss about America (not in order of amount missed)

• Best Buy
○ And their test rock band that you just go in and play at your leisure.
• I actually think I miss Wal-Mart
○ Just because I'm a lazy shopper and hate going on excursions to find shit
○ And because I miss the self service scanner thingies that say "Thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart!" (the ones at Tesco don't thank you.)
• Pepto-Bismol
○ Thank you for sending me some, mommy!!! :D
• Rubbing Alcohol
○ They do not sell it here
• Hydrogen Peroxide
○ They think it's flammable, so they locked away and it's hard to get
• Various items that they do not sell here
○ Like the hair products I normally use and non-spray-on deodorant
• Canned spinach
• Grits
• Other various foods they do not sell here… :/
• The dollar is cheaper than the pound
• My mommy and her food
• My family and friends
• Maxxwell
• Driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• And my baby :'(
• Having a micro-fridge in my dorm room
• Taco Bell <3
• Dunkin' Donuts
• Being able to use my Verizon Wireless Chocolate 2 phone

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Monday, 8 March 2010

A Magical Night

Instead of "dances" they have "balls" here which will often provide live music a DJ or a Ceilidh band. Each dormitory has it's own ball and so do societies. I attended my first ball on the 26th of February.
My friend (at the time), Stuart (who is one of the people who I sit with at dinner and the guy who played in the snow with me) asked me if I wanted to come to the DRA (David Russell Apartments) Ball with him. However, he did not specify if I was to be his date or whatever. I believed it was safe to assume we were going as friends. Despite that, I was still very excited and somewhat hopeful (since I had developed a crush on Stuart in the previous week). My friend Alana was nice enough to let me use her hair curler and I got ready in her room (which is, ironically, right across the hall from Stuart's room). Once ready, I went and knocked on Stuart's door. He opened the door very slowly and Alana came out of her room saying, "She looks pretty, right?" and he was like, "Yeah!" As we walked down the stairs he said that he really did think I looked good and I told him he looked handsome, as he did. :)
It was a very cold and rainy night and I was not only wearing heels and a dress but still recovering from a cold. We waited on our taxi, which he had ordered at dinner and did not come. Sitting in the lobby, we compared drivers licenses (which was interesting) and talked until we finally gave up waiting and called another taxi. The taxi took us to DRA, where the buses left to go to the place where the ball was held. When we arrived, there were a bunch of people blocking the front door so we ran to the side door. As we were running, I instinctively (and subconsciously) grabbed his hand. He laced my fingers in his. After this, I thought maybe he did like me too, but I wasn't quite sure. We waited inside for a while to stay out of the cold and I met one of his friends who oddly left us alone after a few minutes, which made me just a little more suspicious.
After a while, we finally decided to get on a bus. When we went outside, we saw the line ("queue") was huge! We got in and waited. As we ascended in the "queue", I noticed a bracelet on the ground, which Stuart urged me to pick up. I was inclined to see if anyone dropped it, while he was inclined for me to keep it. It was silver with hearts on it. Upon finally getting on a bus, (many came during our wait), and shouting to everyone if they dropped a bracelet and no one claiming it, Stuart put the bracelet on me and that was when he kissed me. The ball itself was interesting. Upon entering a tent, there were paninis (like subs, but more like sandwiches) being served along with other things and tables. Making our way back, we were looking for somewhere to put our stuff down. Through the tent was the building where ice cream was being served on the right, a bar in the back and a dance floor to the left with a live band. There were two rooms off to the side, a room where coats were taken and another dance floor and where the toilets were. We saw a few friends, got some free ice cream and danced for a while. The band kept loosing power, unfortunately but not much fazed us that night as we were so happy just to finally know the feeling was mutual. We danced until the DJ came on, which is when we left due to Stuart's distaste for the music.
Since then, Stuart has been my boyfriend. He has been great and is very gentlemanly. He likes to make fun of the way I say certain things and has made it his goal to "british-ize" the way I say things. The way I say "bridge", which is already funny to my parents makes him laugh and he is determined to make me say it the right way one day. He also has made fun of me for saying "jelly" instead of "jam", "pants" instead of "trousers" and makes sure that I am saying "chips" instead of "fries", "crisps" instead of "chips", and "lift" instead of "elevator". Stuart said that he hopes that I will go back and say things this way, which will somehow influence everyone else in the states to and so it will be all his fault. What big aspirations he has...
On a side note, another funny thing I learned at lunch is that they still call "curly fries" "curly fries" and not "curly chips". I asked as to the logic of this and my friend, Angus answered, "Chips are thick and fries are thin." Hmmm....interesting...