Saturday, 24 April 2010

London Days 2 &3

Day 2:
We woke up in time for breakfast. Despite his wanting to go for a run in Hyde park, Stuart was far too tired. :( Though he did say that he wanted to surprise me with something when he did go for a run the next day…
Breakfast was interesting, though I was expecting something a little different anyway. There was cereal and meat (ham, salami and pepperoni), croissants, cheese, water, orange juice, and a few other odds and ends. They also came to the table and asked us if we wanted coffee or tea and toast. I also found out (after Stuart's mention) that they had Nutella as well!
After breakfast, I showered and got ready for the day. Since we had the longest day, I figured we would go find Abbey Road. Stuart, wanting to save money, insisted we take the bus. I didn't really care much as long as we got there though I did think the tube may have been the best option. The bus was nice because it fulfilled one of my lifetime dreams…(to ride on the top of a double decker bus in London). I also saw a few interesting things on the way. The bus (and the walk to Abbey road) took a long time! Although we saw some interesting things along the way (such as a "Blues Bar", I took a picture of for my dad and giraffes at the London zoo), we both agreed that it was quite a strenuous walk, especially since Stuart's back was hurting from carrying his bag (which I ended up carrying for part of the journey because it was bothering him so much! :/) We did, however, finally make it to Abbey road.
Once there, I was bewildered by it, it wasn't quite what I was expecting. The first thing I noticed was the studio which had graffiti all over the walls! After signing my full name (because I knew my parents wanted to be there really badly and that was the best tribute I could give them, plus I didn't want to write anything corny like everyone else), and Stuart writing his next to mine, I was wondering where the cross-walk was. Stuart and I realized it must be (duh!) the one we walked across to get there and the one right in front of the studio. So he took a video of me walking across and then he took a picture. There were loads of other tourists trying to do the same and cars trying to go by as well so it took a while.
When all that was finished, Stuart decided it really would be best if we just took the tube. :P It wasn't far away either. The station itself had a "Beatles Coffee shop" which was quite interesting. I went in briefly to look around but didn't order anything as I didn't feel the need to at the time. We took the tube to the station just across the street from Big Ben. Stuart made me close my eyes again. :P
The day was cloudy with a slight mist of rain. We walked across the bridge over the Tymes to where the London eye is. There were many people dressed up and a carousel (to which Stuart commented, "carousels are creepy") We were trying to walk to the Tower Bridge, but didn't know how far away it was. After an hour or so of walking we got hungry and tried to find a place to eat. That was when we found out we might as well turn back and get some sort of transportation there. We decided that if we wanted to go on the London Eye, it would be best to go ahead and do that since we were more close to it. While trying to decide if the line was too long or not, a woman came up to us and sold us tickets for £15 (the price for 2 adult tickets is more than that). We promptly got in line with our tickets, but as we were waiting, I realized they said "disabled child." Stuart laughed at this, but I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get on. We ended up getting on anyway.
After the London Eye, Stuart decided we should get a bus since they were cheaper than the tube. We ran around for about 2 hours looking for a bus, failed, and took the tube. The tube got off at the London Tower and we walked across the Tower Bridge and back. We were so exhausted that we decided to go back to our hotel.
We rested for a bit and figured out where we were going to eat. We found a thai place on google that had good reviews and was very nearby, so we decided to go there. It was very nice, not too expensive and interesting as the food came down (or up?) in a chute. It was also Stuart's first experience with thai food and he enjoyed it! :)
Well, after that, we just went back to the hotel and rested for the night.

Day 3:
Day 3 started with Stuart determined to get us by through the tube. Stuart went for a run that morning and told me what he was planning to do but didn't (which was to pick me flowers but he didn't think through carrying them back). We woke up and ate breakfast, then checked out and left our baggage at the hotel for the day. Then we got on the tube, looked through some shops, (I bought some sunglasses) went to the museum, got lunch, and went through some station must have been older because I remember it was kind of run-down. We were trying to go to St Paul's church as well but it was really rainy and we couldn't find our way around very well. I bought an umbrella but we left it in a bathroom and had to buy another. On our way back to get our stuff, we saw London bridge and we went in a tube that looked exactly like something out of a dream I had!
Then, Stuart got on his bus, and I got on mine.

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